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Name:Commander Charles Tucker III
Birthdate:Jun 7
Commander Charles Tucker III
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notes for TOS/XI players
The canon version of Tucker (Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III) was the chief engineer of the first warp five spaceship, the NX-01 Enterprise, and the entire crew is thought of as heroes for their accomplishments and basically started Earth on its way to making the Federation. Trip himself "died" in 2161 protecting Enterprise from space pirates.

For you mirrorverse people, Tucker was the chief engineer of the Imperial flagships ISS Enterprise (NX-01) and ISS Defiant, a Constitution-class ship from TOSverse and a hundred years in the future (that Empress Sato I claimed was from the Terran Empire's future). Tucker is noted for reverse engineering the Defiant's future technology and building the ISS Nobunaga, which is made from the Defiant.
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