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1. Player Information
Name (or internet handle): Hawk
Current characters in Bete Noire: Nicholas Rush, Nate Silverman, Gabriel Belmont, Thomas Hawkins

2. Character Information
Name: Charles Tucker III
Livejournal Username: [ profile] deltairradiated
Fandom: Star Trek: Enterprise (mirrorverse)

3. Character Information II
Age/Appearance: Mid to late thirties. Standing at a little under six feet tall, he has mostly dark brown hair and blue eyes. On the right side of his face, there are scars and his right eyelid is drooping. Around the right side of his face, his hair is not the normal brown, but instead grey.
He's taken from after the story Age of the Empress, where he's chief engineer of the Defiant and after he assisted Captain Travis Mayweather and Major Malcolm Reed in bringing Empress Hoshi Sato back to power after the Andorian General Shran overthrew her and she was subsequently kidnapped by alien rebels. This means he's from around eight months to a year after the episodes "In A Mirror, Darkly."
Personality: Tucker can best be summed up as the grumpy old man who sits on his front porch and yells at those damn kids to get off his lawn. He's a rather bitter man thanks to his disfigurement, pushing people away from him to not deal with their looks or pity. Normally, his words are laced with sarcasm and he's not afraid to speak his mind to people he does not dislike. He doesn't have any ambitions like the other humans of his universe, only mentioning the thought of a promotion after another person had brought it up to him. Like most people, he's extremely paranoid about getting killed at the slightest chance which, since he's the chief engineer of the Empire's flagship, is very likely. Surprisingly, Tucker is not loyal to Empire, instead thinking the idea of a human empire as large as it was a stupid idea, but at the same time not wanting it to fall to aliens as humans would become slaves and thus would make his life suck even more. When he's not hiding himself away, he's frightening. He yells and uses his disfigured face to scare the crap out of subordinates and it's quite effective as they jump when he acknowledges them.

There are moments when he seems to lighten up and most of them involve the ship he's serving aboard. He loves talking about the ships and he does so cheerfully without any of the sarcasm usually lacing his speech. Tucker's quite possessive of them too, thinking of Defiant as his ship, not the Empress' nor Captain Mayweather's. He'll even go out of his to protect the ship itself without much care for those who serve on them, though he would prefer the ship under the control of humans. When it comes to living beings, he's by himself, having pushed away friends and family after the incident that disfigured him, though he seems to love T'Pol after she came to him after her pon farr, but it's been dulled by her using him to sabotage Enterprise and then his eventual torture.
Sexual Preferences/Orientation: Sex is usually used as a tool in his universe, though Tucker's never used it that way, but others in his universe have on him. Add to that to the fact he'd rather deal with spaceships than the people who serve on them and you've got yourself a man who doesn't have sex often and only if he's desperate. He is heterosexual.
Powers: He's a damn good engineer, but no magical powers here.
Reason for playing: He's the sort of character I enjoy playing, the angry antisocial type, and I think he'd be loads of fun here and cause conflicts with both castmates and people from other canons just because he's just normally not a very nice guy.

4. Original Character Supplement
World History: What kind of world is your character from? This part can be short, but it must focus on the particular character's context. What was their world like, from their point of view?
Character History: Let us have a summary of the highlights, the turning points of your character's history. What was it that made them who they are?

5. Samples
First-Person: (5-10 sentences) Okay, where the hell am I? Last place I was on my ship and then I'm in some city. Unless the transporter can grab people from other parts of the ship without us knowin', there's gotta be another reason for this. Can anybody tell me how I can be gettin' back before the captain decides to have me executed for desertin'? I'm sure the major would enjoy that, me gettin' killed for desertin'. Hell, the bastard would probably want to do it himself.
Third-Person: (200 words minimum) Tucker could feel them come out of warp and everybody was moving about Engineering to check to make sure the engines were working as well as Tucker wanted them. They didn't care what the captain wanted; it was what the chief engineer wanted from his ship that mattered. He could hear people chattering to each other about different readings about the multiple sections of the engines. From what he caught, everything was working as well as they had learned to expect from Defiant. Tucker was secretly glad to hear it. Less work for them meant he didn't have to deal with Captain Mayweather shouting at him. The former MACO got on his nerves far more than he let on, but Tucker was glad when the Empress had taken Reed as the head of the Imperial Guard. Good riddance and all that.

He had the results of the newest diagnostic scan at hand and he walked out of Engineering, not looking up as he did. Over a year had made him well versed in Defiant's layout to the point where he could traverse the ship with his eyes closed. He felt an odd breeze and looked up to find himself not in a hallway of the Defiant, but a city. A cold city, one that made him shiver. He was never one for cold weather, being from Florida and enjoying the south far more than the cooler north, which had made him grumble when he had to be in Montana to study at the warp training facility there. But this wasn't Montana and definitely not his ship. Pulling out his phase pistol, he moved from his open position closer to a building so he didn't have to worry about attacks from all sides. Goddamnit, what was going on here?
Third-Person #2: (200 words minimum) The last person of the shift had left Engineering and Tucker was alone with the heart of the ship: her engine. On Defiant, he didn't have to worry about exposure to delta radiation like he had on Enterprise or any of the other Terran Empire ships. The radiation badges were still worn by the engineering staff though, years of working beside poorly shielded engines and the scars on Tucker's face hard to make them stop. There was always a gap between shifts when Tucker was still down in Engineering, something he enjoyed as it meant that nobody was around to stare at him or pull him from his thoughts.

He remembered back on Enterprise, he would take advantage of those few minutes and climb on top of the warp reactor, feeling the slight vibrations throughout his entire body. There was a point where Tucker had decided to go fuck it and start doing that, knowing his life was limited to begin with and that he had no life expectancy left after ten years on Imperial starships. His life were the ships he worked on and if he died on one of them from another burst of delta rays, then so be it. He'd been lucky though and the ship hadn't killed him. Hell, he survived long enough to get on Defiant and be her chief engineer for nearly a year.

Standing in Engineering, he looked around at the ship surrounding him. It was far larger than the NX class Enterprise, which seemed claustrophobic compared to the Defiant, and he couldn't find somewhere to lay on her warp reactor to feel the ship hum beneath him. There was a spot away from prying eyes where Tucker could lean against the wall of the ship and feel the hum of the engines as it moved through warp. It wasn't the same, but Tucker had learned to enjoy it as much as being on the warp reactor. For now, he could relax, feeling the ship working around him without issue and without any of the crew seeing him.


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